What we can do for nonprofits

by | Sep 6, 2022 | Computers

When it comes to running a business, it takes a teams of pros. When it comes to running a successful nonprofit, it takes a slew of pros who are all good at their respective jobs. One job that shouldn’t be in their description is IT manager unless specifically hired for that role. We at Preferred Computer Solutions are here to help small nonprofit businesses with their IT needs. We take the work load off that one coworker in the office that everyone goes to for answers when it comes to the printer or how to share a file.  Most small nonprofits don’t have the budget for a full time IT department and that’s where we come in.


We offer competitive pricing on our hardware solutions for your nonprofits needs. Whether it be computer systems, NAS drives or printers, we’ve got you covered.   Not only are we there for you at the sale but we are there after the sale as well. We will install all the equipment for you in the manner it was meant to be and then support it for as long as you need us. We offer comprehensive remote service packages that can save your organization hundred if not thousands of dollars a years in IT help desk calls. We are able to remote into your systems and help your end user with whatever problem they are having at that given time.

We also offer packages for managed antivirus and cloud backup for your organization so that you know that your donor’s information is safe and secure at all times. Want to be even more secure? We can install a hardware firewall that will help keep our prying eyes from all of your systems. We also offer secure WiFi setup for your organization as well so that you’re able to stay connected at all times and secure at the same time.


We are able to work with many different budgets so before you call the more expensive service providers, give Preferred Computer Solutions a try for your nonprofit organizations needs today.